The first episode of the Freeman's Mind series.


The neurotic physicist Gordan Freeman arrives to the Black Mesa facility late on a tram.



Freeman: Ah geez, I'm running late!

[the camera reveals Freeman is in an empty tram traveling through the Black Mesa facility as a female intercom announcer talks in the background]

Freeman: Who said that? Oh, it's the intercom.

[Freeman's tram drives past an unfortunate guard who is banging on a locked door.]

Freeman: Ah, I'm the the only one who's late. SUCKER! Heh heh.

Intercom: The time is 8:47 AM.

Freeman: Shit. I didn't know I was that late! Oh man. 8:47. I am so dead. Shit. I need a watch. I'm already on probation with the company. They could fire me. Oh well. What can you do?

Intercom: If your destination is a high security....

Freeman: High security...

[Freeman scans the room, looking at a robot arm fix generators.]

Freeman: Am I in the right train?

[Freeman sees a large missile being worked on.]

Freeman: Oh! What's this? Wha-? Yeah, high security. That's why we leave armed missiles lying around for everyone to check out. It's a part of the tour.

Intercom: Due to the high toxicity of the material routinely handled at the Black Mesa compound, no smoking, eating, or drinking are permitted.

Freeman: Fascist! Yeah, whatever, I'll drink a 40 ounce up here if I feel like it!

Intercom: Please keep your limbs inside the train at all times.

Freeman: Yeah, well, I'll stick my arms out the window if I-

[Freeman sees the wall next to him, which are metal pillars and tough dirt walls very close to the tram's window.]

Freeman: Okay, maybe not.

[Freeman spots a scientist fleeing from a military helicopter.]

Freeman: Hey, what's goin' on there? I should've been a pilot.

Intercom: Please stay away from electrified rails-

Freeman: Ha.

Intercom: -and precede to an emergency station until assistance arrives.

Freeman: Wow. Man, how dumb would you have to be? I mean, they're not gonna say stuff like that if someone's already tried to do it, right? I guess if I was drunk enough I might climb out of the window here and pull some hang-time on the electrified train rail. That kinda reminds me of  that squirrel got caught between the power-lines one day back at MIT. The thing caught on fire and got fused to the wires, which caused a transformer to blow up and knock out the power all of the campus. That squirrel must've cost the university at least 10,000 dollars. That was a good day.

Intercom: A reminder that the Black Mesa hazard course decathlon-

Freeman: Oh man!

Intercom: Will comence this evening at 1900 hours.

Freeman: I forgot about that. I need to practice.

Intercom: Remember; more lives than your own may depend on your fitness.

Freeman: What? We're physicists.

Intercom: Do you have a friend or relative who would make a valuable addition to the Black Mesa team.

Freeman: I don't believe in friends.

[Freeman sees a giant spider-like robot carrying a large crate.]

Freeman: Oh cool, a robot! Robots are the only friends I need. Man, look at that thing! Looks like a giant worker ant. Man, robots rule. Numatics rule! That's awesome. Man, they're still talking about hiring? I guess my cousin Jesse needs a job. If only he wasn't a sex offender. It would be so much easier to find something for him.

Intercom: A reminder to all Black Mesa personnel. Regular radiation and bio-hazard screenings are a requirement of continued employment at the Black Mesa facility.

Freeman: Ugh, don't remind me.

[Freeman sees another spider robot walking right towards his tram.]

Freeman: Whoa! WE'RE GONNA CRASH!

[The tram stops and let's the robot pass.]

Freeman: Oh, good, it stopped.

[Freeman sees another tram, accompanied by the G-Man ominously staring at him.]

Freeman: What are you looking at?

[Under him, Freeman sees a sea of radiative goo made from a silo leak.]

Freeman: Hey, what's that green crap? What is this? Jesus Christ, look at this place! This is a disaster! That's gotta be toxic. God, the EPA is gonna tear us apart if they find out about that! Well, I'm not saying anything. I don't wanna get called into court as a witness on this thing after the cat's outta the bag.

[The tram finally comes to a halt near an access station where a security guard approaches. Freeman tries to get out of the motionless tram, but it is locked.]

Freeman: Locked!

Guard: Mornin', mister Freeman! Looks like you're running late.

Freeman: Yeah, you know what? I don't even care anymore. By the time I get suited up, I'm gonna be over an hour late. I figure I'm either fired, or I'm not.

[Freeman steps out of the tram and follows the guard before looking back.]

Freeman: Is someone following me? Okay, good. Yeah, I'm just gonna stroll in there like I own the damned place. Take my time, maybe get some donuts. If I'm fired, I could probably jack some office supplies or computer equipment or something on the way out. I could just stuff things in a big duffel bag, nobody's gonna notice. Huh, you know, Steve's never in his cubicle. I could just walk right up and take his laptop. Hell. I could grab that colored laser printer from the counter. That thing's nice. That's gotta be worth a couple grand right there. Huh. I wonder if it could print money?

[Freeman walks his way into the facility before the camera fades to black.