The sixtieth episode of Freeman's Mind.


Narrowly escaping last episode's Gargauntua attack, Freeman randomly appears in a teleportation chamber where he has to solve a puzzle involving the teleporters before reaching the top and touching the largest teleporter, ending the episode on a cliffhanger as it doesn't reveal where he was taken.



[The episode abruptly opens with Freeman being teleported out of Half Life: Uplink and back into the original Half Life. Still thinking he's being attacked by Uplink's Gargauntua, Freeman fires his revolver, terrified, only to see it's just a trio of scientists in a completely different room and he just killed one of them. The two surviving scientists cower in fear. ]

Freeman: WHAT THE FUCK?! What happened?! How did you turn into three people?! Wh-

Scientist #1: I hope those people in the Lambda lab could get this under control.

Freeman: Get what under control? Me?! I WANT ANSWERS, ASSHOLE! Is this a thought experiment? Am I in a simulation right now? Is this drug-induced lucid dreaming? I know I'm not dead! Looks like witchcraft to me! This is a cabal! You summoned me here as practice for a demon, right? SAY SOMETHING!

Scientist #2: Well, a dimensional breach is definitely transmitting organic matter-

Freeman: The fuck, you think this is a simple experiment?! YOU THINK I'M JUST A TEST SUBJECT?! [Freeman fires a round of revolver ammo just past the scientists to scare them.] Well, I killed your leader! What do you think about that? You're dealing in forces you're not prepared for. What do you think a demon would've done to you?! SHARE HIS LAB NOTES?! [Freeman begins to exit the room.] Stupid- [He jerks around, and one of the scientists are staring at him.] Wh-DON'T LOOK AT ME! [The scientist quickly turns back around.] Okay...demon summoning idiots. I didn't even mean to shoot that guy! But they literally forced my hand. But they shouldn't be surprised. You mess with the Freeman, this is what happens. [He tries to exit another room he's entered, but the door is locked.] Okay, locked. Uhh, well, what's this? [he looks at a large energy ball floating in front of him] More black magic, no doubt. Okay, I'm just gonna touch this quick.

[Freeman gently touches the ball, and he is violently teleported to an office with two more energy balls. The office has a window that reveals it borders a chamber containing a huge pillar loaded with more teleportation balls and is surrounded by constantly moving platforms.]

Freeman: WHOAH! SHIT! No! Those bastards did it again, I'm gonna kill them! Wait, no, I've been here before! Gah, this makes no sense! [he looks at the energy ball he entered the room with] I've touched this thing, it's harmless! Right? [he walks through the entrance ball] Yeah! Nothing! So what's going on here?! [he looks at the energy ball he got into Uplink with] This is the same thing right? Or are they different? I've already-

[Freeman dives into the teleportation ball, and is taken to one of the platforms rotating around the pillar.]

Freeman: OOOOOOH! SHIT! It's a teleporter! We invented fucking teleporters! THE NEW AGE OF MAN BEGINS WITH ME! And teleporters! Oh my god, I am dizzy from this! Or maybe that's because I'm spinning.

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