The sixty-seventh episode of Freeman's Mind.

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Freeman continues to traverse Xen before finally teleporting himself to the Nihilanth.

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[Freeman looks up at the structure, which is a giant crown of rock with a red floating orb in the middle.]

Freeman: Well, I have no idea what this is, but this is heavy metal. It has everything. Except the band!

[He looks around the black void.]

Freeman: Yeah, there's not much here, is there? I may have screwed myself on this jump. I'll try and remain calm. Yeah, this is for a band, it looks kinda like the Godsmack logo!

[He approaches the crown and suddenly, voices of Black Mesa personnel he's heard echo out of it.]

Freeman: What?

Past Scientist Voice: Shut down the equipment and someone get him out!

Freeman: Yeah, get me out! Can you see me?! Is that what this is? A transmitter? HELLLLOOO?!!

Past Scientist Voice: They're waiting for you, Gordon. In the test chamber. [more past voices ramble on, one of which include Barney saying "But I wanted a cheeseburger!"]

Freeman: Unnnnnggh, this is just random chatter! This is an intergalactic CB! And I think it's just getting old signals.

[He travels behind the crown.]

Freeman: Is there a switch in the back? Maybe I could set it to broadcast. Nooo. Well I have plenty of time to learn how to use this thing, don't I?

[He starts to approach the orb.]

Freeman: Okay, let's try this center orb here, maybe it does something. Check check, mic check, hell-

[Freeman touches the orb and is teleported in a large spiral right beside the giant, fetus-like alien god the Nilhilanth.]

Freeman: -o?

[Freeman is completely speechless at this sight.]

Nihilanth: Freeeeeeeeemmaaaaaaaaaan!


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