Gordon Freeman is the main protagonist of the Half-Life series, and is given a fan-made personality in the famous machinima Freeman's Mind, a series that follows Freeman's internal monologues. This personality is a very neurotic, sociopathic, and selfish individual who's a theoretical physicist at the Black Mesa Research Facility and is forced to defend himself from a race of hostile aliens.


Freeman has extreme egotism that makes him think he's much higher than his peers. While he is very intelligent (considering his job and knowledge in physics), physically fit, and skilled in firearms, he literally sees himself as a king amongst men and thinks everyone should worship him. He's also an immature alcoholic and recreationally takes drugs, and believes slavery should be legal (but shouldn't be race-specific).


  • Despite it being canon that the actual Half-Life Freeman was wearing the standard scientist uniform before donning the HEV suit, this version of Freeman states he doesn't follow the dress code in Episode 2 to be a rebel.
  • He buried 10,000 dollars in gold in Harold Park State Forest in case his bank accounts froze.
  • Gordon speaks five languages, including English and Spanish.